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Read my article from Around Concord magazine called
Choose Your Own Adventure

Read my article from Around Concord magazine called
What I Did on My Summer Vacation
Why not try a walking, hiking, biking or multisport trip with Backroads,
The Worlds #1 Active Travel Company
Backroads offers trips to Europe and the Mediterranean, Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Pacific as well as North America. They explore the regions of Tuscany, Provence, the Dolomites, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, New Zealand, Tibet, Vietnam, South Africa, Costa Rica, Peru, the Canadian Rockies and Alaska just to name a few. Backroads average trip size is 17 like-minded travelers ranging from age 40 to 65 years old. In addition to their regularly offered trips you will find select itineraries and departure dates just for families, and singles or solos.

A typical Backroads day begins whenever you decide it should. You may want to head out after an early breakfast, having already been briefed by your Trip Leaders the previous evening. Or, you may choose to linger over breakfast awhile, considering which of the new day’s choices best suit your mood or energy level.

You have the freedom of choice to meet up with your group at a particular event such as an olive oil tasting, wine tasting, private tour of a museum or château in which case you can plan your morning’s walk or ride to rendezvous with the group. Or, as the day unfolds you may feel like exploring on your own.

Every Backroads trip is designed for a range of fitness levels knowing that your traveling companion’s pace may differ from yours- and your own energy level may vary from one day to the next. Each morning you decide how far you feel like walking, hiking or biking.

Every Backroads trip is designed to appeal to a wide variety of interests and fitness levels. Each offers options for more or less activity, so you can decide exactly how much you want to do day by day. Here’s how the Route Rating levels listed for every trip translate into approximate time and distance.

Average Distance
Biking Walking & Hiking
Level 1 2-3 hours 10-20 miles 2-5 miles
Level 2 3-4 hours 21-30 miles 5-7 miles
Level 3 3-5 hours 31-40 miles 7-9 miles
Level 4 4-6 hours 41-55 miles 9-11 miles
Level 5 5-7+ hours 56-75+ miles 11-13+ miles

When Backroads selects a Trip Leader for your vacation they look for many attributes. They look for leaders with a natural gift for making people comfortable, with an instinct for extraordinary service and a deep understanding of the region’s culture. And, finally a talent for improvising as circumstances change. The result is a crack team of energetic, inspiring leaders who work tirelessly to ensure you enjoy an unforgettable, hassle-free vacation.

Backtroads trips are about more than the terrain you walk, hike or ride and the sights along the way. They dig deep into the region, exploring its history and lore, its customs and cuisine, its art and architecture-and of course its flora, fauna and natural history.

Depending on the destination and trip you choose Backraods offers Premiere Inns, Casual Inns and Camping accommodations. Some Premiere Inns are well renowned, others are well kept secrets. Many belong to prestigious alliances such as Relais & Chateau and Small Luxury Hotels of the World – and win raves from Travel & Leisure and Conde Nast Traveler. Casual Inns offer you warm, relaxing hospitality, after a day of exploring. If your gang loves the outdoors their Deluxe Camping Trips add another dimension to active adventure, placing you center stage in some of the most spectacular natural environments on earth. This isn’t the camping you recall from childhood: imagine walking into your campsite to find your spacious dome tent set up, all of your luggage stowed inside and your plush sleeping bags laid out on extra-thick pads.

From chefs profiled in Gourmet to local culinary stars all Backroads trips offer you the ultimate in dining.

*Photos courtesy of Backroads

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